Sovereign Crescent, Fareham



This is the Public Exhibition of the proposals for the development of 49 dwellings on land southwest of Sovereign Crescent, Fareham. It is proposed to submit an Outline Planning Application with access and layout to be determined.




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Planning Background


Fareham Borough Council have stated in their “Planning the Future of Fareham Town Centre 2017” document that they require an additional 2000 houses than already planned for between now and 2036. These are on top of the 6000 new homes being built at Welborne and other sites already identified for development.


The site was submitted to Fareham Borough Council as part of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment in December 2015. The site is currently under consideration.


An initial Pre-application consultation has taken place with the Council’s Planning Officers to consider the principles and layout of the site.


Proposed Layout


The proposed scheme provides a total of 49 homes; comprising 31 houses and 18 apartments. 20 of the 49 homes will be affordable dwellings which will be located throughout the site.


The scheme has evolved taking account of the main constraints of the site following an initial contextual analysis. These in the main are the fixed point of access from The Florins/Sovereign Crescent, the existing cycleway/pathway to the north and the bridleway along the southern boundary, the existing sewers which cross the site and the existing trees on the boundary and the protected trees on site.


In addition to the initial comments received from the Planning Officer to the pre-application consultation have been considered and incorporated


Indicative House Types


The proposed mix of dwellings comprises 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Houses will be a combination of 2 storey and 2 storey with rooms in the roof. The apartment blocks will be 3 storey. Houses will comprise a mix of detached, semi-detached and terrace housing. Indicative house types have been produced.

Indicative Apartment Buildings


A Phase 1 Ecological Survey has been undertaken and confirmed that there is no evidence of badgers or Great Crested Newts on site. The Survey advised that further studies were required to identify the presence/absence of reptiles, dormice and bats on site. These are currently being undertaken.


There is a Site of Important Natural Conservation (SINC) to the north of the site. It has been advised that a 15m buffer should be provided between the SINC and any development. This was taken in to account when designing the layout and the necessary buffer has been incorporated.


A tree survey has been undertaken to inform the site layout.


Drainage Strategy

The site is located within in Flood Zone 1 meaning that the site has a 0.1% chance of flooding.

Surface water run-off will be disposed of by using TANKED porous paving. Roof water can be discharged into sub base of porous paving. It is proposed that this will outfall into the existing watercourse to the north of the site. This is subject to land drainage consent.

Foul water will be disposed of by a new connection the existing public sewer which runs through the site. It is proposed to divert part of the existing public foul sewer, this is subject to a S185 foul sewer diversion.

There is a 10m protective buffer around the existing sewer where no structures will be built (indicated by the yellow block on the plan).



The site access would be served via ‘The Florins’ cul-de-sac and would comprise of a simple continuation of the existing carriageway.


The TRICS database has been interrogated to assess the likely traffic volumes that will be generated by the proposed development. A summary of the trip assessment is provided below:

TRICS Trip Rates

The assessment suggests that the development will generate an additional 227 daily vehicle trips, with an additional 22 trips in the AM peak traffic and an additional 27 in the PM peak traffic. This equates to 1 additional vehicle movement accessing and egressing the site every c.2 minutes.


The site provides adequate parking for the development as set out in Fareham Borough Council’s Parking SPD.


Highway safety on the local road network has been assessed through accident data. The data showed no pattern of incidents in terms of distribution, frequency or severity that would be of concern in terms of highway safety on the local road network.


A study has been carried out to show site accessibility and local facilities: