Former Wykeham House School, Fareham



The existing buildings on the site were formerly used by Wykeham House School which closed in September 2015. The property has been vacant since that date.


The buildings comprise of the original house, which is a Grade II Listed Building, and the 20th Century building used for classrooms that lies to the north and is physically attached to the Listed Building.


The emerging proposals for the site comprise two elements. Firstly, there is the Listed Building which requires sensitive conversion to a use that secures the occupation and maintenance of the building in the long term. It is proposed that the Listed Building be converted to 5 apartments. Parking for these dwellings will be provided to the front of the building beyond the newly landscaped shared front garden.


The second element to the proposal includes the demolition of the building which links the Listed Building to the classroom block. This will restore the Listed Building to a free-standing structure. The former caretakers house remains unchanged.


It is also proposed to convert and extend the former classroom block into a terrace of 9 town houses. The houses will be provided with rear gardens to the north, beyond which there will be parking for the properties.


The open part of the site will be landscaped.


The development is very expensive to implement especially the conversion of the Listed Building. In addition to the conversion of the existing classrooms to form 7 town houses, it is also proposed to extend the building to create two further town houses to support the scheme. It is not proposed to include any affordable housing within the scheme as this would make it unviable.


The proposals are subject to planning applications to Fareham Borough Council reference numbers: P/17/0147/FP and P/17/0148/LBC