Land off Winchester Road, Wickham

Land at Winchester Road Wickham has been promoted for residential development through the Local Plan process since 2007. Two fields to the north east of Winchester Road have been allocated for residential development in the recently adopted Winchester Local Plan Part 2.  The Plan provides for up to 125 dwellings to be accommodated on the allocated land, together with the provision of land for recreational purposes off Mill Lane, Wickham.

The two fields which have been allocated for residential development were subject of a planning application for 100 dwellings made in September 2015 which was refused in September 2016.  Further land to the northeast of the allocated land was also the subject of a planning application which was refused in July 2016.

The application for 100 dwellings was rejected for a number of reasons which included there being a deficiency of housing numbers and an increase in the risk of flooding.

The Council is seeking to delay residential development in Wickham due to concerns about drainage issues within the village.  It is anticipated that this situation will be clarified in the coming months.

Bewley Homes who have been promoting the development of the land are ready to submit a further application having undertaken extensive discussions with Officers.  When the application is submitted plans will be available for public comment.

Winchester Rd